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Don Bosco Relic Visits St Margaret Mary's North Brunswick

The visit of Don Bosco's Relic at St Margaret Mary's, North Brunswick, Victoria (18-20 March, 2011), was just really wonderful! With the event being the major one in the Province for the Don Bosco's Relic Tour, a lot of preparation had to be done at all levels for months, but all the hard work finally paid off with the most beautiful two days in the Parish. Hundreds of young and even not so young people came from all over Victoria on both days, creating a vibrant and very "Salesian" atmosphere.

Saturday was spent with interesting inputs, lively activities, inspiring talks, deep moments of prayer, and beautiful entertainment. A highlight was the candle light vigil prayer with the beautiful liturgical dance by the Salesian Youth Club (SYC) "Live The Dream", bringing Don Bosco's nearly two hundred-years-old dream to that of the young today. Another highlight was the concert night with a very moving musical, re-enacting the arduous journey of the Vietnamese refugees through violent waves and heart-breaking moments, carrying with them a dream to freedom. Some videos of the concert night can be seen on YouTube.

The open mass on Sunday was attended by over 500 hundred people of various church groups and ethnic groups. The procession of the statue took place around the block, led by the beautiful Italian band, followed by various groups in colourful uniforms, and finished with the Statue of Don Bosco surrounded by flower girls in white dresses and youth in yellow uniforms, created a real splash on the street (picture on the right). The homily was beautifully given by Fr Frank Moloney. After communion the SYC leaders performed the dance "Live the Dream" again (picture on the left), creating a beautiful and youthful and prayerful atmosphere. Bishop Tim Costello presided the mass and gave beautiful comments and kind thanking words at the end of the mass.

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