The first home of the Clayton community was part of a project of Fr Julian Cavarzan SDB and the Italian community at Clayton.  They built the  Dominic Savio Early Learning Centre including the convent in 1977 and invited the Salesian Sisters to take charge of it.  In 1985 a new convent was built next door by the Sisters.  In 2016 the community members have the following ministries:   work at the Early Learning Centre, care of elderly Sisters and taking Communion to the house-bound

Province Leadership

Sr Edna Mary McDonald is the Vice Provincial of the Province, working with the Provincial and other Sisters to provide leadership service to the Province. With many years in provincial leadership, she continues to bring much wisdom and experience to help guide the province.

Chaplaincy at University of Melbourne

A Sister has been appointed Coordinator of the Sunday School activities.  It is the most lively group of the parish and caters for almost one hundred children from of primary school age.  All the Sisters are involved in the teaching, together with a good number of

Sr Delma Lamb is a chaplain to overseas students at Melbourne University. Being far away from home, these students have particular spiritual needs. Sr Delma has done many things to help meet these needs. Some of the activities and services provided are:

  • Support student group COSDU.  Each Friday this group gathers to celebrate the Eucharist or have sessions on various topics of faith and life

  • Build a sense of community on campus

  • Offer opportunities for prayer

  • Conduct discussion groups in areas of particular interest (for e.g. faith issues, biblical study, religion and sexuality, feminist issues)

  • Be available and provide individual counselling, spiritual direction, and mentoring

.  As well as religious education classes, the children are involved in quizzes, singing competitions, dramas, cultural shows and other gatherings.  

Parish Ministry

Sr Olga D'Cruz works as a volunteer to provide sacramental an other services in the parish.

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