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The Salesian Family is blessed with many shining examples of Salesian priests, Sisters, Brothers, and lay people who ordinary people but led extraordinary lives in the service of God and others. Many have been honoured by the church as Saints, Blessed, Venerables, and Servants of God.

Antonietta Bohm 2.png
Sister Antonietta Bohm

1907-2008, Servant of God

After her final vows, she lived a missionary life in Argentina, Peru and Mexico. She always showed herself to be a strong woman, ready to listen, and always confident of the help of God and of Mary Help of Christians. She consolidated the existing works and opened new ones with farsighted vision. She lived to 100 years of age, 80 years of religious profession, 74 years of missionary life in America, and 7 years of formation in Italy.

Sister Amparo Carbonell

1893-1936, Martyr

One of the Sisters who shared apostolic commitment and gave her live for the faith during the war in Spain.

Alexandrina da Costa

1904-1955, Blessed

Best known as Blessed Alexandrina of Balazar, she was a Portuguese mystic and victim soul, member of the Association of Salesian Cooperators, who was born and died in Balazar. Alexandrina left many written works, which have been studied mainly in Italy by Father Umberto Pasquale

Sister Maria Domenica Mazzarello

1837-1881, Saint

Together with Don Bosco, she founded the congregation of Salesian Sisters

Laura Meozzi.jpg
Sister Laura Meozzi

1873-1951, Venerable

She was in the first group for mission in Poland, worked incessantly and even in the midst of extreme poverty, was capable of opening the houses to everyone in need.

Sister Carmen Moreno

1885-1936, Martyr

One of the Sisters who shared apostolic commitment and gave her live for the faith during the war in Spain.

Madalena Morano_edited.jpg
Sister Madalena Morano

1847-1908, Blessed

She lived her mission among the young people with great enthusiasm. She gave herself completely to others, living her service of authority with the understanding of one who truly knows the heart of God

Eusebia Palomino.png
Sister Eusebia Palomino

1899-1935, Blessed

In a quiet, simple way, she served her brothers and sisters who were the most lonely and abandoned in society..

Teresa Valse Pantellini.jpg
Sister Teresa Valse Pantellini

1878-1907, Venerable

She renounced a comfortable life for the 'Da mihi animas' (give me souls) of Don Bosco. The poorest young girls experienced her love.

Sister Maria Troncatti

1883-1969, Blessed

The equatorian selva was the real "home-land" of her heart. There she lived out her life among the poorest as a sign of God's goodness

Laura Vicuna real image 2.jpg
Laura Vicuna

1891-1904, Blessed

She was a pupil at the mission of the Daughters of Mary Help of Christians in Junin de los Andes (Argentina).


She offered her life for the conversion of her mother. Her greatness lies in her purity of heart.

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