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Sr Julie Piri


Sr Julie Piri

My name is Julie Piri, I am from Solomon Islands. I was born in a family of four children, I am the eldest and have three younger brothers. My parents are Catholic, and they raised me up in a Catholic faith.

I am so happy to share with you my little story about my vocation and why I want to become a Salesian Sister.

Interestingly for me to share with you how I came to know the Salesians. In 2013 I was studying agriculture at Don Bosco School in Solomon Islands,. I learned many things in the school, and also learned the practical skills offered by the school. There I knew the Salesian Sisters, who came to teach us in the school. The Sisters organised one of the program for young woman called COME AND SEE. They organised that program especially for young woman so that we could spend time together to pray and reflect. The Sisters often gave us the inspirational talks about the RELIGIOUS life, SINGLE life, and MARRIED life, so that we could think about our vocations and make choices for our life and our future. We also share dour thoughts, games and fun together.


After two years participating in the COME AND SEE program; I started to discern about the vocation of my life. I always ask God to show me who I am, and what God wants me to do in my life. Through my prayers and discernment, I felt that God is calling me to the religious life in the Salesian Sisters' way of life, and so I made my decision and asked to join the Salesian Sisters in the Solomon Island because I love to work with children and young people. Now I am very happy with my journey and I am grateful for the gift that God has given me. I understand that my vocation is the greatest gift from God and it is my responsibility to protect and nurture it. Because it is the gift that the Holy Spirit gives to me, it’s not my own call but the call from God. I spent two years with the Salesian Sisters in the Solomon Islands where I was accompanied and I have learned to live and share the Family Spirit with the Sisters and the young people. I am also inspired by the Salesian charism and the Gospel values and being with the young people is the strength and also the joy for me to continue my journey to become a Salesian Sister. I want to give my life to God for the good of the young people in the footsteps of Mary Mazzarello and Don Bosco.

My hope and prayer to God that I will continue my journey and work together with my Sisters in the community to be a sign of God’s love for the young people, especially the most needy in the Family Spirit of DON BOSCO and MARIA MAZZARELLO.

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