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Sr Kim Nguyen


Before joining the Salesian Sisters, Sr. Kim was the Chief Leader of the Salesian Youth Club at St. Margaret Mary's, North Brunswick, VIC. After making her First Profession in December 2016, and in one of her visits to Melbourne, she was invited by Fr. Anthony Q Nguyen, sdb, parish priest of St. Margaret Mary's, to come and give a talk during the homily. Part of her speech was specifically directed to the young people present in the congregation. She said:

To the young people here in this church:

Long journeys begin with a small step.  Indeed, to take a small step requires the inner strength, and the courage and the spirit to explore the unknown adventure. To choose a journey for your own life is not so easy.  I have moved out of my  ‘known’ to the ‘unknown’ and it can be a struggle for the fear of the loss and the comfort.  However, God only asks you to respond to his call with generous open hearts. God wants you to become a fully alive person, to live the joyous life that God has called you to live. Be courageous and not paralysed by fear, but start innovating and illuminating the future. (Evangelli Gaudium)

God calls everyone not according to our expectations but in His own way. When I reflect on my vocation, somehow I think it’s my destiny to become a sister.  The feeling is a bit scattered over the moon.  However, I think that everything that happens in my life is all in God’s plan for me, and I know that God chose me since He knows me better than I know myself. In my life, I always have doubts and wonder, is it true that God calls me? Did God set me aside and appoint me to do something for Him?  I am experiencing the limitation of my capacity. Who am I to proclaim the words of God? I am nothing better than anyone. I am just an ordinary girl!  Nonetheless, I have to put my trust in God and God knows what He doing. I only have one life to live and I want to live it to the fullest. I will not be afraid, God is with me always. Dear young people, let us not be afraid to have great dreams.”  

With St. Teresa of Avila I pray for all of you;

Let nothing disturb you;

let nothing make you afraid

all things pass;

but God is unchanged.


is enough for everything

if you who have God

you lack nothing.

God alone is sufficient”.

Sr. Kim PT Nguyen
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