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Gizo is the capital of the Western Province in Solomon Islands, and is the second largest town in the country.  It is situated on Gizo Island approximately 380 kilometres west-north-west of the capital, Honiara.  

Three Salesian Sisters of the South Pacific Region, arrived in Gizo on 11 January, 2018, accompanied by the Provincial, Sr Edna Mary MacDonald, and were warmly welcomed by Bishop Luciano Capelli SDB and parishioners. 

The Gizo community has the following ministries:

  • St Peter Training School, Gizo

  • Teaching at St John Bosco Primary, Nusabaruku

  • St Peter Parish Sunday School

  • St Peter Youth Group

St Peter Training School, Gizo

The Salesian Sisters administer this diocesan technical school which is located in the compound of St Peter's Cathedral in Gizo town and can accommodate about ninety students.  Four trades are taught:  Motor Mechanics; Electrical, Building and Carpentry as well as Life Skills.  Bishop Luciano Capelli SDB wanted this school for young people from Western Province and Choiseul Province.  The school accepts primary and secondary school leavers who are willing to learn a skill for their future.  For many of these young people this school is the last chance to have an education and build a new life.

Teaching at St John Bosco Primary School, Nusabaruku

A Salesian Sister is teaching in the newly built primary school of the Diocese.  It caters for the children of three settlements on the outskirts of Gizo.  These children had no access to formal education because the existing Government school was too far away.  This new school caters for more than two hundred children who experience the Salesian family spirit of St John Bosco.  Each day Sister takes a short boat trip to the nearby island where the school is located and walks quite far up the hill to reach the school.

Sunday school teaching in St Peter's parish

A Sister has been appointed Coordinator of the Sunday School activities.  It is the most lively group of the parish and caters for almost one hundred children from of primary school age.  All the Sisters are involved in the teaching, together with a good number of parishioners.  As well as religious education classes, the children are involved in quizzes, singing competitions, dramas, cultural shows and other gatherings.

St Peter Youth Group

Another life-giving activity of the Gizo community is the youth group.  One of the Sisters is particularly involved in the planning of the various activities.  She supports and animates the young leaders of the group, who are trained to take leadership roles.

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