In 2012 In January 2007 the Salesian Sisters of the South Pacific Region, came to the Solomon Islands and opened a house at Henderson, not far from the capital, Honiara, Guadalcanal. There are four Sisters in the community. A girls' hostel was built and opened in 2010.  It is within the Sisters' compound and accommodates up to 36 young women from all over the country.  The girls can complete their education, study and learn valuable employment and life skills.  In 2014 the Sisters opened the Maria Mazzarello Development Centre for young mothers. the novitiate moved to Sydney and now the five sisters in the community work at three parishes, and 3 educational institutes.

Laura Vicuna Hostel

The Laura Vicuna hostel in the Sisters' compound accommodates up to 36 young women. The mothers and girls themselves asked the sisters to build a hostel for young women from all parts of the country.  All the Sisters together with lay staff run this wonderful apostolate.  The extra time for study has meant that the girls achieve higher grades in the educational institutes they frequent.

A feature in 2016 has been a project called Days for Girls facilitated by the North Balwyn Rotarians from Melbourne, Australia.  The women trained the participants to use electric sewing machines and overlockers and helped them with the sewing.  All materials used were donated by the North Balwyn Rotary Club. 
A new toilet block has been added to the end of the hostel building.

Maria Mazzarello Development Centre

This centre was opened in early 2014 in the Salesian Sisters' compound, using the ground floor facilities of the hostel for weekday classes.  At the centre, the Sisters offer young mothers and other women the possibility of completing their interrupted education and acquire employment and life skills.  The programme runs for six months and there are two per year.  It is proving very popular among the women of the Solomons.  All the Sisters in the community work at the MMDC.  Sr Anna Maria Gervasoni is responsible for all maintenance and provisions for all the works of the Sisters' compound.


Sr Matalena Leota teaches full time at the Don Bosco Technical Institute, Henderson, while Sr Anna Maria Gervasoni teaches Computer studies part-time at Tetere Rural Training Centre.  Sr Bernadette Wauki, while studying full time, also teaches English part time at Henderson.

Sunday Programme

Some Sisters go on Sundays to Red Beach parish, taking the children to the Eucharist and for Sunday School.  This includes a religion programme, singing, liturgy, liturgical dance, sports, games and entertainment. 

Sr Anna Maria teaches religious instruction after Sunday Mass at Henderson.

Sr Bernadette goes to Burns Creek and takes the children to the Sunday Eucharist.  She and other leaders run the Sunday school programme, followed by games and activities.

Catholic Teachers' Sodality

Sr Sesilia was appointed as Animator of the Catholic Teachers' Sodality by the Archbishop of Honiara.  She is responsible for organizing gatherings, ongoing formation of teachers and providing or giving spiritual input.

Come and See Programme

All four Sisters organise and run the “Come and See” Days for girls discerning the possibility of a vocation to the religious life with the Salesian Sisters.  Between 20 - 50 girls take part in these days which are held about once a month.

Catholic Communications Solomons

Sr Sesilia Sala is the Director of the Archdiocesan Media Office and is the editor of the Diocesan magazine Voice Katolika.

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