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Leauvaa village is located on the north coast of the island of Upolu about half-way between the capital, Apia, and the international airport.  The word "Leauvaa" means "the boat people".  Originally these people lived on the big island of Savaii, but their village was obliterated by lava from a volcano by 1911.  The people travelled by canoe to the island of Upolu in search of a new home.  They were welcomed and given land on the present site of Leauvaa, which is now a large village.The Salesian Sisters began their ministry there in 1985.  There are four Sisters in the community who work at St Joseph's Primary School in different roles. The Sisters also hold meetings for the Children of Mary group and the Come and See Programme.  Every Tuesday and Thursday afternoons after their religious instruction, children and youth come to play sport in the school grounds.

St Joseph Primary School

The Salesian Sisters, lay staff, students and their parents have created a vibrant school community.  There are 436 students from pre-school to year 8. Through the hard work of the principal and staff, St Joseph's gained recognition for successfully implementing the new curriculum.  The school also participates in inter-school and district sports like basketball.    The Salesian Sisters Past Pupils Association, an initiative of staff and community, is now focussed on past pupils who are still students, from Year 8 to University.  The past pupils gather for prayer, meetings, apostolic action and an annual retreat. 

Children of Mary

The Archdiocese of Samoa-Apia is divided into Vicariates.  One Sister coordinates the Children of Mary at the Vicariate level, organising formation gatherings, an annual retreat and visits to the elderly. Sisters also organise the Children of Mary in the Leauvaa parish.  They come to the Sisters each month for times of prayer and reflection, training in leadership, personal development and life skills.  They also enjoy learning new games and spending time together

Come and See

The Sisters offer Come and See days to girls who wish to discern if God is calling them to the Salesian religious life.  The girls either come together as a group or are invited to spend a weekend with the community.

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