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The village of Malololelei is situated quite high up on the mountain above Apia.  On 13 January, 2013, three Salesian Sisters founded a community in accommodation made available by the Archdiocese, in this beautiful place.  The community is known as the Laura Vicuna community.  It is named after Blessed Laura Vicuna, a pupil of the Salesian Sisters in Argentina who at 13 years of age offered her life to God so that her mother would return to the practice of her faith.  The Salesian Sisters, South Pacific Province, funded the building of the Divine Mercy Primary School which was completed, blessed and opened in January, 2015.  The Malololelei community, together with the P.T.A., staff and students worked very hard to transform the school and its surroundings into a functioning, beautiful learning environment.  The province has since built a convent for the Malololelei community.  It has quite a large chapel and function room which can be used for gatherings, meetings and the apostolate of the Sisters.  The new convent was blessed by Archbishop Alapati Mataeliga and opened by the Mother General of the Salesian Sisters, Mother Yvonne Reungoat, on 26 February, 2016.

The Sisters are also involved in the parish teaching religion classes and facilitating the  Children of Mary group.

Divine Mercy School

The Divine Mercy School is own and administered by the Salesian Sisters of the South Pacific Region. It caters for pupils from pre-school to Year 8.  The blessing and opening of the newly completed school took place on January 29, 2015. Sr. Carol Tevega fma is the current Principal.

Children of Mary

Sr Sialei Taofinuu is in charge of the Children of Mary, both in the Malololelei parish and in the local Vicariate.   Sisters also teach religion classes in the parish and are involved in parish youth activities. 

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