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A Joyful Event for Youth

The Salesian Youth Club (SYC) Leadership Camp this year happened at Scoresby in the cosy little hall with nearly 20 leaders and a number of parents. The young leaders received very useful input from Sr Kathleen, fma (guest speaker) on the Preventive System,

Sr Thuy-Linh, fma on Salesian Leadership, Kim on Teamwork, and a number of more senior leaders on Team Activities. The big game was very well organised by Br Khai, SJ., a highlight of the camp.

The presence of Fr Anthony Quang, sdb among his very busy schedule and many commitments spoke so much of his love for young people. Sr Marguerite Nguyen, fma and other Sisters from the Scoresby community were also present to give their support. The young leaders were excellent in their effort to learn and cooperate, and enjoyed the camp very much. As usual the food, cooked by two parents, Nguyet and Thao, and other helpers, were rated highest in the evaluation session. The pictures are of the group on the last day (some were missing as they could not be there the whole time) and a song that they composed during one of the activities.

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