OLR celebrates the Relic of Don Bosco

WOW ! what a demonstration of love, faith and spirituality right here at Our Lady of the Rosary Parish - St. Marys. Weeks of planning and preparation on the part of the Parish team, the Salesian community of SDBs and FMAs, and the whole Parish Communty paid off a hundredfold. The Relic Statue of Don Bosco was finally here.. The 'Unveiling Ceremony" presided over by Fr. Shane Reade and other Salesians saw the church come alive as the strains of "Lets Celebrate now" rang through the air, with the voices of the OLR Primary school children, Parishioners and visitors from far and near, joined as one voice to welcome Don Bosco, Father and Teacher of Youth. As the message stick and the messa

Don Bosco Relic Visits St Margaret Mary's North Brunswick

The visit of Don Bosco's Relic at St Margaret Mary's, North Brunswick, Victoria (18-20 March, 2011), was just really wonderful! With the event being the major one in the Province for the Don Bosco's Relic Tour, a lot of preparation had to be done at all levels for months, but all the hard work finally paid off with the most beautiful two days in the Parish. Hundreds of young and even not so young people came from all over Victoria on both days, creating a vibrant and very "Salesian" atmosphere. Saturday was spent with interesting inputs, lively activities, inspiring talks, deep moments of prayer, and beautiful entertainment. A highlight was the candle light vigil prayer with the beautiful li

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