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Sisters celebrate Province Day

During the Province assembly held in September, the Sisters celebrated Province Day, commonly known as Gratitude important event in every Salsesian Community the world over.

Two significant themes dominated the celebration this year. The theme for the special Eucharistic Celebration was inspired by Pope Francis' letter to all consecrated women and men, in this year of Consecrated Life.

The three aspects highlighted were :"Remembering the Past with Gratitude, Living the Present with Passion and Embracing the future with Hope . We were pleased to have Fr. Greg Chambers celerbate the Eucharist with us and was inspired by his beautiful reflections in keeping with our themes.

This was followed by a special festive meal, lovingly prepared by Leylan and Barbara Lamb, while our lunch time entertainment celebrated our Unity in Diversity. Special dances prepared by our Samoan and Vietnamese Sisters, and a song from the Solomon Islands in pigeon english, highlighted the theme, bringing the festivities to a close with a Medley of Thanks, sung by all the Sisters.

Gratitude is a flower that blooms in noble souls (Pope Francis)

Creation is a gift; a wonderful gift, that God has given us so that we can use it with Respect and Gratitude. (Laudato Si)

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