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On the 19th and the 20th of February 2016, the community of Scoresby hosted and were wholeheartedly involved in the ‘Dare to Pause’ program. Once again, a time for young people to come together to pray, reflect, have some fun and do some acts of kindness for those in need. In the light of Pope Francis’ Jubilee year of Mercy, the young people and the Sisters who engaged in the planning, decided to explore the theme ‘The God of Mercy’. The event started on Friday night with a hearty meal. This was followed by an hour of adoration, prepared by Sr. Thuy Linh Nguyen and the Salesian good night given by Cindy Tran and Julia Nguyen. Later on the film of Don Bosco was screened and enjoyed by the group.

On the Saturday our day began with the Eucharistic celebration in St Judes Parish Church, followed by an inspiring and challenging input by one of the group Moira Tauiliili. Moira studies Theology at Melbourne Catholic Theological College. Her topic was ‘Who do we say God is?’- based on the Gospel of Matthew 16:15 – ‘Who do you say I am? Time was given for the participants to reflect and really take this in, and to think deeply of who God is to each one of us. It was a very prayerful and uplifting session. Thanks to Moira for her willingness to contribute to this event by sharing her message and experience of God’s merciful love for her and each one of us.

After the morning talk, we all prepared our lunch together and then off we went to visit the Broadmeadows detention centre, in a convoy of cars. This visit was offered to these young people to have a hands-on experience to meet, for the first time, the asylum seekers and listen to their stories. The idea was suggested by Sr. Emema during the core team’s meeting, and it was readily accepted and acted on. Some of the young people shared how much they appreciated this experience of reaching out to the poor and marginalised. As FMA we have witnessed and experienced how young people are eager to respond and contribute in some small way to cheer up, smile, give a hug and encounter people in need.

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