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Salesian Sisters open a new Hostel

The Salesian Sisters at Henderson welcomed twenty one female students, who are attending Don Bosco Technical Institute at Henderson, on Sunday 18th July to the new Hostel. The sisters’ work is mainly in the field of education of youth especially for the young women.

The community leader, Sr. Sialei Puapuaga, on behalf of the Salesian sisters, expressed her gratitude to God, families, friends and benefactors from overseas who made it possible for the sisters to build the Hostel for the young women of Solomon Islands.

“We could not do it by ourselves without the help of our congregation, families, friends and benefactors. We thank God for their generosity and prayerful support. We are very glad to provide this place for our young women as their home away from home.”Sr. Sialei Puapuaga said.

The students were accompanied to their new home by their parents and family members on Sunday the 18th July. They expressed their thankfulness and gratitude to the sisters for providing a home for their daughters and others who ate still to come.

The hostel is one of the major needs for the young women in Solomon Islands who are schooling here in Honiara. There are three sisters who are working cooperatively with Madam Bernadette Paranapua, the Matron, for the welfare of these young women.

The sister in charge, Sr. Anna Maria Gervasoni, expressed her joy of seeing sisters’ dream came true for the young women who are attending DBTI and other schools.

“It is our dream since we arrived in Solomon Islands four years ago, to provide a home for the young women to stay and have more time for their study. We are also helping them in their human development and spiritual enrichment,” The young women will go home every weekend and come back on Sunday afternoon to get themselves ready for school for the next day.

There is nothing more satisfying than to see the cheerful faces of these young women as they live with the Salesian Sisters.

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