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From one culture to the other youthful initiatives abound

Sr. Lucy Ozhukayil, member of the Salesian Sisters' General Council in Rome, continued her visit around the SPR (South pacific Region) province meeting the Salesian Sisters in the Solomon Islands and in Sydney, Australia.

Among several activities In the Solomon Islands from 9-11 May, Sr. Lucy met young women at the Laura Vicuna Hostel run by the Sisters for those studying at various institutions in and around Honiara, Solomon Islands. She also met women who attend the Mary Mazzarello Development Centre, a technical course also run by the Sisters. She saw village life as she visited places where the Sisters hold Sunday School each Sunday and spoke with students at the Don Bosco Technical Institute. While the time was short Sr. Lucy experienced a wide variety of ministries the Sisters are involved in in the ''happy isles'' as the Solomon Islands is called.

In Sydney on 12 May Sr. Lucy was able to speak in Engadine to the St. John Bosco Parish Primary School staff and students at the special assembly that marked her visit and also celebrated both the feast of St. Maria D. Mazzarello and Mothers Day. Mothers / grandmothers and guardians were invited to breakfast at the school followed by an assembly to which Sr. Lucy spoke about the importance of the role of parents/guardians in the life of any family and particularly about the significant role of mothers. Prayers were offered by the students and mothers themselves.

On the 13 May, feast of the foundress of the Salesian Sisters, St. Maria Domenica Mazzarello, Sr. Lucy travelled from Engadine to St. Marys and witnessed the activities offered at the Don Bosco Youth Centre, a recreational centre opened to all in the area six days a week. This was followed by a visit to Project Nine, a centre that assists a variety of migrant and refugee groups.

From the Solomon Islands to Sydney, Australia Sr. Lucy experienced a wide variety of initiatives for the benefit particularly of young people both in formal and informal educational settings. It was like looking at a kaleidoscope of different colours and shapes that all fitted together and made a wonderful pattern into the catch phrase of St. John Bosco: IT IS ENOUGH THAT YOU ARE YOUNG THAT I LOVE YOU and that of St. Maria Mazzarello: EVERYTHING SERVES TO ACQUIRE TRUE JOY!

Laura Vicuna Hostel, SI

Mary Mazzarello Development Centre, SI

St. J. Bosco Primary School, Engadine

Don Bosco Youth Centre, St. Marys

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