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Jesus said: "Let's go elsewhere to the neighbouring country towns...the Salesian Sisters sa

Tomorrow the new FMA community of Gizo, Solomon Islands is formed. Srs. Anna Gervansoni, Sr. Regina Varghese and Sr. Joan Levi leave for Gizo in the afternoon. Today at evening prayer at Henderson, Solomon Islands all gathered for a commissioning prayer for Anna, Regina and Joan. However, the prayer included looking back at key Sisters of our origins who were missionaries at heart whether they left Italy for another country or not: Sr. Emilia Mosca, Sr. Enrichetta Sorbone, Sr. Petronilla Mazzarello, Sr. Angela Vallese, Sr. Rosalia Pestarino and Sr. Angela Cassulo. Prayers were also offered for both communities, Henderson and Gizo in their continued journey in the Solomon Islands for the good of young people and all the families they have, are and will encounter in the future. The two past communities leaders of Henderson, S. Sialei Puapuaga and Sr. Matalena Leota, were specifically remembered as Anna and Sr. Sesilia Sala assume the role of leaders in Gizo and Henderson respectively from 2018 onwards. Toward the end of the prayer Anna, Regina and Joan were called forth and Sesilia, Sr. Claudia Mabel Aragon, Sr. Bernadette Wauki and Sr. Edna Mary MacDonald prayed the commissioning prayer sending them forth in the name of Mother Yvonne Reungoat, our Mother General. Symbols included the first FMA General Directory printed in 1877 to indicate that our FMA Institute began with few FMA in a vast field of mission. Also, the 'What If" document of the discernment process regarding this new foundation was placed near today's Gospel where Jesus indicates that both prayer and mission are essential elements in our lives as authentic disciples. As we rejoice in our Institute that a new foundation has been established in the SPR province, may we all continue to be people of prayer and mission steeped in a personal and communal relationship with Jesus.

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