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SIARC Fellowship with Melanesian Sisters and Sisters of the Church

The Solomon Islands Associations for Religious Congregations in the Catholic Church gathered at the Salesian Sisters place at Henderson on the 17th to the 19th June, 2011 for Spiritual Enrichment.

Sr. Edna Mary MacDonald, Salesian Sister, from Australia was invited by the SIARC to facilitate the weekend for them. She has a lot of experiences related to this field. She shared her expertise with the group on Passionate Living and Passionate Commitment. The different congregations who were able to attend were The DMI, SMSM, MA, FMA, OP, SM, SDB, FNSP, CSM and CSC. The presence of the Archdiocese was also felt by the presence of Fr. John Adai (Canon Lawyer) from NAC. His role also helped with the discussion on the Constitutions and Rules of the different congregations in the light of Canon Laws in the Church.

The SIARC extended their invitation to the Sisters of the Church and the Melanesian Sisters in Tenaru and four were able to participate. “I am very happy to be here to represent my congregation and I am getting a lot out from this weekend both in spiritual and in fellowship with the SIARC. I hope we will have more of this in the near future, I would also like to thank the SIARC for inviting us” said Sr. Jane Forau.

Every participant felt that Sr. Edna Mary Macdonald challenged them to Live as Christ lived in their mission and communities life. “We need to learn to integrate our family culture, Christian Culture and Religious Congregation culture in order to live holistically our commitments to mission and community,” said Sr. Jacinta Fidow smsm.

The President of the SIARC Sr. Anna Maria Gervasoni fma, thanked Sr. Edna Mary and presented her with a gift on behalf of the group. The weekend was officially closed with a very meaningful Liturgy celebration which highlighted the Holy Trinity Sunday, a well prepared lunch and of course group entertainment.

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