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Salesian Sisters celebrate with Year 9 Students

The Salesian Sisters are grateful to Yr 9 Mazzarello Campus, for inviting them to be part of their annunal campus feast day celebration.

May the 9th, the birthday of Mary Mazzarello was indeed a great day for the Sisters. The Yr 9 students and staff from the Mazzrello Campus gathered with the College executive team, CEO members and other dignitaries, in the beautiful Church of Our Lady of Mount Carmel to participate in a lively and meanignful Eucharistic Celebration in honour of this great Woman - St. Mary Mazzarello, founder with Don Bosco of the Salesian Sisters.

The Sisters were given a special welcome and invited to bring up the gifts at the Eucharist. Sr. Rochelle led the students and assembly in music and song and the little church rang out to the cheerful sounds of the song written for the yr 9 students as their campus theme song:

"Celebrate, Celebrate, Celebrate St. Mary Mazzarello . Celebrate, Celebrate Celebrate a woman for all time"

This was followed by a beautiful lunch where the Sisters mingled with the year 9 staff and students, proud that our founder is honoured with a campus named after her and celebrated in a truly Enthusiastic, Salesian way.

Thanks to the Principal, Mr. Mark Brockhaus, the Leadership team and staff of Salesian, Sunbury for making this possible. May Mary Mazzarello always guide and protect the staff and students of the Yr 9 campus.

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