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Making a difference

Wanting to make a difference to the lives of some on those less fortunate, the initiative by Sr. Ememma, to organise a BBQ and chirstmas party for the homless on the banks of the Yarra River, was generously supported and sponsored by the Community of Scoresby.

With some enthusiastic ACU and Melbourne Uni students, that Sr. Delma and Sr. Ememma work with, they set out to bring a llittle joy to the homeless of Melbourne by inviting them to this BBq and party.

However, seeing they were reluctant to leave their spots, the group decided to go to them. So with containers filled with food and other goodies the group walked the streets of Melbourne seeking out the lonely and homeless, chatting and generally putting a smile on their faces. Well done guys. At least you made a difference to some of our brothers and sisters .

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