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From Jerusalem to Australia, Samoa and the Solomon Islands

Today the community leaders of the SPR (South Pacific Region) Province of the Salesian Sisters meet to reflect on their role of leadership within the various communities of Australia, Samoa and the Solomon Islands. The day opened with a reflective prayer on the various ways Jesus portrayed his leadership through listening, being compassionate, forgiving, being inclusive, empowering, being a creator of vision and being ever so responsive in a living way to what he heard.

Throughout the day the Sisters reflected on various styles of leadership noting that, as one leads, leaders need many styles. However, the important question was: Which styles of leadership best suit the style Jesus employed most often, that is, servant leadership? Through prayerful moments, personal reflection, group sharing and creative presentations, all were challenged to explore ways of moving beyond just planning and organising well, to developing vision and connectedness, energising people, as Jesus did, to move beyond what was familiar to them, to a place of greater inclusiveness and depth.

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