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The SPR Temporary Professed Week is currently being held at Sorrento (South East of Melbourne) close to the sea. It is being held from 25 June to 2 July. Sr. Bernadette Wauki from the Solomon Islands, Sr. Mena Tanuvasa from Samoa and Sr. Kim Nguyen from Australia are joined with Sr. Helen McMahon and Sr. Edna Mary MacDonald on a variety of reflections concerning family life: the 2017 Strenna, We are Family; looking at one's family of origin, the Church as family and our FMA Institute as family, with particular reference to our SPR province as family....making the commitment to be 'fully alive' within these families in good times and not so good times. Time for prayer, input, walks along the beach, personal reflection time, group sharing, a crack at Salesian cross-word puzzles, and preparing scrumptious meals are filling the week in a place that fosters reflective discernment and a renewed commitment to live FMA life to the full in moments of uncertainty and in the moments of great joy and hope!

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